Nick’s Deli

  • 223 Main St, Seal Beach, CA 90740

Do you like breakfast burritos, home style Mexican food and stick-to-your ribs sandwiches? If the answer is yes you’ll love Nicks. Small deli with surprising amount of hardcore fans.

I like their breakfast items, like decent french toast (ask for raspberry jam to go with your order, you won’t be disappointed). While I am not a big fan of meat stuffed sandwiches or burritos there are plenty of great options to eat. Very good soups. Cheese quesadilla just like abuelita used to make it. Good salads. Breakfast eggs and bacon. Nicely cooked potatoes. Love their cupcakes and coconut crumb cake.

They can get busy at peak times but will remember you and your order if you come often. Clean. Helpful staff.

I drink tea and on cold mornings and asked for some tea there. They do not have it on menu but if you ask they do not look at you like you’re asking for beluga caviar, instead they look in the counter and hand you a tea bag. This is how awesome they are, whatever reasonable but different stuff you ask for they try to accommodate.

There is a seating in the back and if you want to sit outside there is a little courtyard with tables and benches through the back door.Good princes, food and staff. If only all small restaurants were run this well. Highly recommended.

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